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The Maui International Double Star Conference took place at the University of Hawaii's Institute for Astronomy.
 Thanks to JD Armstrong and Joe Ritter for their wonderful hospitality and excellent facilities.

The editors of the newly published Double Star Reader and also
hard workers in making the conference happen.  Left to Right:
Eric Weise, Vera Wallen, Jo Johnson, Kent Clark, Russ Genet

One of the three panels--one after each days deliberation--to ask and answer questions raised during the sessions

Jian Ge, Gerard van Belle, Chris Thueman. and Steve McGaughey discuss one of the posters during break

Bob Buchheim and Steph Mohr faithfully record each of the presentations for posterity.

Left to Right: Ed Wiley holds forth in the lobby for Bruce MacEvoy, Kent Clark, Bob Buchheim, and John Mitchell
   Does anyone have more pictures of the conference itself?


Looking down the road from the foothills of Haleakala

View from near the Institute for Astronomy

View of Haleakala from the road to Lahaina

Two Nēnē's, Hawaii's cherished and endemic goose.

The Aloha Dinner at Tante's Island Cuisine

Russell wields his Russian ceremonial mace, a generous gift
from Oleg Malkov, as he describes the conference sponsorship
of the Collins Foundation Press

Steve McGaughey regales the diners with his considerable
musical talents. Steve is not only a talented astronomical
observer and musician but also an accomplished artist!

Russ Genet presents Bill Hartkopf with a unique Hawaiian paddle
in appreciation for his lifetime contributions to double star research

A close up of the paddle award. The award ceremony include  messages from Hal McAlister and Brian Mason

Russ presents Yury Balega from Russia with an award for the
furthest travel to the conference - chocolate macadamia nuts!

Yury is urged to a speech following his award.
He shares a bit about himself and his family in Russia

Aloha dinner diners below enjoy a wonderful buffet, much camaraderie,
and more double star talk--is there ever enough?

Chris and Suzanne Thueman, and the luscious buffet

Deborah Hartkopf & Cheryl Genet not to be out shone by husbands

Pre-Conference adventure to the observatories atop Haleakala

The caravan of cars that took us up Haleakala, an extinct volcano.  From here the road gets MUCH more...exciting!

View from the top across the channel to the Big Island.
 Mauna Kea is barely visible nestled in the clouds.

Below members of the tour listen to instructions and begin the walk to the telescopes.

Bill Hartkoph, Ed Wiley, Russ Genet, and Elliot Horch visit
while waiting for tour of the telescopes to begin. Hard to imagine
they are dressed for an Hawaii event, but it was COLD!

We await while our tour guides, Steph Mohr from Pan-STARRS. Mark Elphick from Faulkes North, and Steven McGaughey of the Haleakala Amateur Astronomers prepare the way.

High school student Bobby Johnson, & college student Eric Weise

Eric and Bobby with mentor Russ

Awaiting the tour of Pan-STARRS to begin. 
Everyone pressure breath and keep drinking water!

Bill, Russ, and Cheryl stand with the Pan STARRs Observatory
 in the background

Haleakala Amateur Astronomer's Headquarters (right)
Air Force Maui Optical and Supercomputing observatory in back

Steve McGaughey showed us around the Haleakala
 Amateur Astronomer's headquarters--very impressive!

Sunset Dinner at the Kula Lodge on the slopes of Haleakala

John Martinez and Vera Wallen discuss philosophical topics

David and Sue Haworth

Jan and Greg Jones

Elliot Horch and Bobby Johnson

Evan Sinukoff & BJ Fulton - University of Hawaii doctoral students
  Does anyone have more pictures of the Kula Lodge dinner?

No Host dinner at Tante's after the Atlantis Sub & Lahaina Tour

Informal happy hour poolside at the Maui Beach Hotel

Pre-conference Atlantis Sub Adventure and Lahaina Walking Tour

All the "submariners" gather before the launch takes us to the sub

Aboard the launch as we head out to the Atlantis sub

The sub arriving from the tour before ours

Almost to the surface

Tethered to the Roxie awaiting our boarding

Lined up along the deck before going below

Seated inside the sub.  Ellie and Steve McGaughey,
our hosts for this amazing adventure, in the foreground.

Looking out the front port over the submarine's driver.
The ocean floor looks closer than it really is.

This is how the fish and reefs looked to us through our ports-
blue because the water scatters blue bands of sunlight.

This picture, and all the rest, are photoshopped to
bring out the detail

The pictures above and below show how the fish swarm together in their schools--safety in numbers!

This is a ship deliberately sunk to begin an artificial reef

A bright spot of color on the "reef"

A little shark hanging out on the bottom--sleeping actually!

This was our lowest depth.

Returning to port, Steve takes the wheel.  Of course!  He works for Atlantis and this is his job!
Thank you Steve for arranging this wonderful adventure for us.  It was truly a highlight of our time on Maui.

The historic Pioneer Inn comes into view as we return to Lahaina

Jo Johnson is awaiting us as we return to the dock.

The Pioneer Inn......and.....

lunch for all--we were soooo ready!

Group hug after lunch.  Left to right: Bill Hartkopf, Suzanne & Chris Thueman and Russ Genet (in back), Ellie & Steve McGaughey, the peg legged sea captain, Oleg Malkov & Irina Arendarchuk (behind), Vera Wallen, and Yuri Balega. Cheryl Genet lost in restroom.

Vera Wallen, Jo Johnson, Cheryl & Russ Genet in front of an enormous Banyan tree that takes up most of a block sized park
 in Lahaina.  It looks like many trees because the branches
grow "roots" back down to the ground.  Most astonishing!

Bob Nelson incredibly captured this amazing picture at sunset.
A few more seconds and he might have captured a green flash on the sun as well!

A perfect aloha picture for our wonderful Maui conference and adventure!
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