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Mauna Kea Observing Session
Visitors Information Station
at Hale Pohaku on Mauna Kea
Saturday Night, January 21, 2012

Hale Pohaku Astronomer's Hotel 

                 Hale Pohaku Dining Room

       Visitors Information Station

                 VIS at night

Observe from the dark, clear skies at Hale Pohaku at the 9000-foot level of Mauna Kea at the Visitors Information Station (VIS). The 4-wheel drive van will depart from and return to the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope HQ.


  5:00 Depart Canada France Hawaii Telescope HQ

  6:00 Arrive Hale Pohaku for dinner (included) at the
           "astronomer's hotel."

  7:00 Observing session at the Visitors Information
           Station (VIS)

10:00 Depart VIS for CFHT HQ

11:00 Arrive CFHT HQ

The inversion layer on Mauna Kea usually drops well below the 9000 foot level by evening, and new moon is on January 4th, just a few nights later, so the skies should be dark and clear (although all the high mountain tours are, of course, subject to cancellation).

Telescopes at the VIS include a 16 inch Schmidt Cass and several smaller telescopes. Telescopes may also be provided by members of the Western Hawaii Astronomy Club (WHAC). Also, bring your binoculars.

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