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Mauna Kea Observing Session 

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 Technology Developments and Research Programs and

Held December 31, 2010 January 2, 2011
Pre-conference Tours were December 29-30, 2010, Post Conference Tour was January 3, 2011

Plane Wave Inst's CDK 700

Canada France Hawaii Telescope Headquarters
Waimea (near Kona), the Big Island of Hawaii

Wednesday December 29
- Mauna Loa Tour 
Thursday December 30 - Mauna Kea Tour   
Friday December 31 -   Introduction & Overview
Saturday January 1 -   Research Programs
Saturday January 1 - Mauna Kea Observing Session
Sunday January 2 -  Technology Developments
Monday January 3 - Volcanoes National Park        
(depending on interest)

Hanbury Brown Interferometer

Hershel's 40 foot Telescope

Canada France Hawaii Telescope

1 m  DOTI  Spherical  Meniscus  Mirror

Lord Rosse Leviathan at Birr

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