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 Portable Meter-Class Astronomy Conference
Register ASAP - conference is limited to 40 participants!

Conference Dates: Friday, January 20, 2012 - Sunday, January 22, 2012
Optional Pre-Conference Mauna Kea Observatory Tour - Thursday, January 19, 2012
Optional Mid-Conference Mauna Kea Observing Session - Saturday, January 21, 2011

To complete your registration for the Light Bucket Conference  you will need to
follow the four steps below

 Click here for information on travel and hotels
Click here for special information for astronomer's visiting the Big Island
Step 1: Register for the Conference
Please don't miss this step!
It is critical to our scheduling and communications!
●  Send an email to and
    include the information listed to the right
Place "Hawaii Registration" in email subject box
Information to send in your email:
● Your name
● Organization & title (if appropriate)
● Email address (best for contact)
● Phone Number (best for contact)
● Mailing address (for mailing your proceedings)
● Name(s) of guests
Step 2: Read about the registration fee
 ●  Participant conferences are entirely self-supporting.
     All conference participants, including presenters, pay 
     registration fees. (And their own expenses)

Fee is for conference days Jan 20-22 It includes:
            Morning refreshments
           Support of conference expenses
 ●  Fee does not include meals, accommodations, or tours.
 ●  Your fee is fully refundable, no questions asked,
     before the first day of the conference (Jan 20) 
 ●  Pay by Pay Pal, credit card, check or money order (USD)

● Registration fees are
 $  USD General Registration
● Your registration reserves your seat at the
  conference. It does not include meals or
  pre- or post-conference tours
Step 3. Read about registration for optional tours

●  Pre-conference tours to Volcanoes National Park (Jan. 18) 
    and Mauna Kea (Jan. 19) require  advance registration.
The registration fee is $75 for each tour and includes
    transportation and lunch
●  Mauna Kea Observing Session (Sat Jan. 1) at the
    Visitors Information Station at Hale Pohaku (9000 ft).  The
    registration fee is $50 and includes transportation and
    dinner at Hale Pohaku Astronomer's Hotel & Restaurant.

●  A trip to Volcanoes National Park may be informally
   arranged following the conference (Monday, Jan. 3)
   depending on interest.       

Please be aware that these observatories are
  very high altitude and touring them can be
  strenuous. This is of particular concern if you
  have heart or breathing limitations.

For more information on the tours:

  Click here for Mauna Kea Tour Information

  Click here for Mauna Kea Observing Session
Step 4: Pay Registration Fees

To pay by Pay Pal and Credit Card  Click here

To pay by check or money order (USD) Click here

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