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To register a poster or display, click here.

Poster papers and displays are strongly encouraged. There will be opportunities during breaks each day to meet those offering poster papers and/or displaying information about their projects, books, CDs and DVDs, or organizations. 

The posters and displays will be available for viewing throughout the conference, although there will be specific times set aside for poster sessions. Anyone attending the conference, whether presenting or not, may participate in the poster and display sessions. 

● Poster boards will be provided on which to mount posters and displays. Tape, glue, staples, and  scissors will also be provided.

● Poster boards will be standard tri-fold foam presentation boards 36" tall by 48" wide (24"center  section with two 12" fold outs).

● Posters boards will set on banquet type tables, two boards to each table, one on each end, with room for flyers, brochures, books, or any information you wish to make available to visitors to your presentation.

You must register to participate in the Poster and Display session and there will be a small charge of $15 to help cover cost of materials. 
To register a poster or display, click here.


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