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Organizing Committees

Scientific Organizing Committee

Chair: Russell Genet, California Polytechnic State University,
         telescopes and instrumentation
Rainier Anton, Altenkolz/Keil, Germany, lucky imaging
Federico Bianco, Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network,
         lucky imaging
Robert Buchheim, Coto de Caza, California, author of
         The Sky is Your Laboratory
R. Kent Clark, Editor, Journal of Double Star Observations,
         Southern Alabama University
Laurent Corp, President, Association d'Astronomie Andromède, France
B.J. Fulton, Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network,
          speckle interferometry
William Hartkopf, U. S. Naval Observatory, catalogs, orbital solutions,
          and speckle interferometry
Elliott Horch, Southern Connecticut State University, speckle and
          intensity interferometry
Oleg Malkov, Institute of Astronomy, Russian Academy of Science,
          properties of binary stars
John Martinez, Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network,
Ed Wyle, University of Kansas, speckle interferometry

Educational Organizing Committee

Chair: Vera Wallen, Cuesta College, California, double star research
          as science education
J.D. Armstrong, University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy,
          student research and outreach
Cheryl Genet, Cuesta College and Collins Foundation Press,
          student publications
Jolyon Johnson, California State University, Chico, undergraduate
          double star research seminars
Paul Hardersen, University of North Dakota, Space Sciences
           Doctoral Program/astronomy option
John Pye, University of Hawaii, Maui College, undergraduate
          astronomy laboratory
Kakkala Mohanan, University of Hawaii, Leeward Community College,
          student research
Douglas Walker, Glendale Community College, Arizona, undergraduate
          research seminars
Erick Weiss, University of California, San Diego, undergraduate
          double star research seminars

Local Organizing Committee

Chair: Joseph Ritter, University of Hawaii, Institute for Astronomy,
          telescopes and instrumentation
Ellie McGaughey, Wailuku, Maui, conference arrangements
Steve McGaughey, Haleakala Armature Astronomers,
          student double star observations

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