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All talks are invited talks.  However, if you would like to give a talk please contact Russ Genet at and if there is still room for another speaker he will most likely invite you to give a talk.   Once the talking slots are filled with invited talks, contributed posters will be welcome up to the limit of conference attendees.  Invited speakers may also have a contributed poster.  All attendees with either an invited talk or a contributed poster are welcome (and encouraged) to provide a written chapter for the conference proceedings.  Additional written chapters will be solicited from non-conference attendees to fill in important double star topics not presented at the conference. 


● PowerPoint presentations will be fully supported and are strongly encouraged.

● All talks are 20 minutes in length (maximum). All presentation times include any introduction and any questions and answers.  Generally if you finish your talk before the 20 minutes is up the session moderator will ask for questions.

● All conference presentations are strictly timed, with 5, 2, 1, and 0 minute timing cards held up by the session  timer for all to see. The speaker should acknowledge  each timing card with a nod towards the timer.

● See the instructions below for speakers preparing a  written chapter for the proceedings.  All speakers are encouraged to contribute a written chapter, although this is not mandatory. 


● All attendees may contribute a poster.

● Poster should fit in a space 1 meter square.


Thank you for submitting your chapter for consideration for the double star conference proceedings being published by the Collins Foundation Press. You can help the process by carefully following the instructions below so that publications go as smoothly and effectively as possible

1.  Contributor Information: Please list your name under your paper title as you wish it to appear in the published volume. Include your affiliation on your paper, below the author name(s). The affiliation(s) will also be listed in a Contributor section in the front of the published volume. You may include, as an optional Author’s Note, a short biography and/or contact information or acknowledgements at the end of your chapter, before the reference list. 

2.  Title: It is best to keep titles to 75 characters, since they are used as a running header for each page. If it is not possible to keep your title that short, the editors will need to shorten it for the header (but leave it full length in the table of contents) or you may suggest a header.  

3.  Readership: The primary audience we intend to target is professional and amateur astronomers as well as intelligent laypersons who want an overview of recent advances in double star research.

4.  Word count: Typically 2,000 to 3,000 words, including references; please try to write concisely and clearly. Please note that each chapter will have its own references rather than having an overall reference list at the end of the volume.

5.  Permissions: If you cite lengthy quotations or a large amount of material from another source, please obtain appropriate reprint permissions from the copyright holder. In a book of this type, it is best to not use lengthy quotes. If you want to use your own previously published work for more than what is fair, be sure to obtain permission from the original publisher.

6.  Format: Your paper must follow our MS Word format. These format instructions are in a downloadable template found by clicking at the bottom of the page at: Publications Instructions to Authors 2.doc.  

 7.  Submit your paper electronically to Ed Wiley The deadline is January 31, 2013. Please put “Double Star Paper” in the subject line. Name the file as described below.

8.  Graphics (tables, pictures, diagrams, photographs): These need to be submitted separately, with indication in the text where you want them inserted. We need graphics in a specific format, see the template at the Collins website, above.   

9.  File names: Please use the last name of the first author followed by first name with no other symbols or punctuation for the file name on your paper:  If submitting more than one chapter, please put a numeral after the name:

Doe John.doc (or .docx, .rtf, or .txt)
Doe John 2.doc (or .docx, .rtf, or .txt)

10.  Copies: Please keep both an electronic and hard-copy of your paper in case questions arise during the editing process. 

11.  Process: Chapters may be sent out for external review to insure quality and appropriateness for the intended readers. There could also will be numerous edits by the edit team, as well as contact & review with authors as needed.

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