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STAR Conferences
A key goal of the Small Telescope & Astronomical Research (STAR) Conferences is to promote and encourage high school, community college, and undergraduate students to learn about science by planning, executing, and publishing modest but contributory astronomical research. Attending the STAR Conference will provide students with such encouragement. Conference supporters and attendees are encouraged to contribute to the student scholarship fund.

The STAR Conferences are purposely being held in late June—after most schools are out but before the heart of summer vacation. They are being held in San Luis Obispo not only to take advantage of the pleasant costal weather, but also in the interest of the local high schools, community college (Cuesta College), and university (California Polytechnic State University) in student astronomical research. These local students can attend the STAR Conferences at low cost and provide a real service to the entire conference by providing the student base / response needed at a conference aimed at encouraging student research. Each student scholarship is $100.

As a co-sponsor of the STAR conference, Dark Ridge Observatory is accepting donations in support of Student Research and Education.

If you are a student wishing to apply for assistance to attend the STAR conference you should send an email with identifying and contact information, a paragraph about yourself, and a short statement why you would appreciate being considered for this support.

Student recipients and donors will be listed in the STAR Conference Program.


Make a contribution and help a student

Through the support of Dark Ridge Observatory’s Student Research and Education Support program, your generosity will help make it possible for worthy high school or undergraduate students to participate in the STAR Conference. Such participation can advance their studies and research, encourage their interest in science, and add to their resumés for graduate applications. 

Your contribution will be properly acknowledged at the conference and in the proceedings as well (unless you designate otherwise). 
It is tax-deductible.

For more information on the Dark Ridge Observatory please visit their website at

Contributions by PayPal

When you click on the PayPal link below you will be taken to the Dark Ridge Observatory's PayPal donation account. You will be able to designate the amount you wish to donate. This amount will be dedicated to providing support to students and their research, less a small administrative fee for handling.  (Use your browser back button to return to the STAR website)

Donate through PayPal specifically to the
Student Research and Education Support fund:

Contributions by Check

Contributions may be made by
check or money order (USD) payable to:

Dark Ridge Observatory
701 NM Hwy 24
Weed, NM 88354

Thank you!

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